#393 – Truth – Haley Cryptograms



Note that the encryption key starts with a misspelling of "Final Cryptogram", with the repeated "R" removed.

MFGL?? P opvvlu Mfgl? Sry!!
NALE?? I kissed Nale? Ugh!!
Keeeeee! Opno ypv fvv, Euugd Lcclnwpql Lgfm!
Woooooo! Kick his ass, Oddly Effective Elan!
Des'ql rew we il obuupmr al. Lgfm, des'xl mew isdpmr wypv fxl des?
You've got to be kidding me. Elan, you're not buying this are you?
Ufam vwxfpryw yl'v gdpmr!
Damn straight he's lying!
Yl iesryw al wypv uxlvv! Neal em, kesgu FMD keafm NYEEVL we klfx wypv wypmr?
He bought me this dress! Come on, would ANY woman CHOOSE to wear this thing?
Mel P'a mew! P'a vwsjpu! P'a ve vwsjpu!
No! I'm not! I'm stupid! I'm so stupid!
Ec nesxvl mew! Wypv pv fivsxu! P'a Nyfewpn Reeu!
Of course not! This is absurd! I'm Chaotic Good!
Kyd fxl des gpvwlmpnr we ypa?? Yl'v wyl QPGGFPM!
Why are you listening to him?? He's the VILLIAN!
Me, P yfqlm'w!
No, I haven't!
Des yfql we ilgplql al! Yl'v gdpmr!!
You have to believe me! He's lying!!
Kyfw?? Me! ME!!
What?? No! NO!!
P nfm'w...
I can't...
P nfm'w gevl ypa...
I can't lose him...
P–P wyesryw...
I–I thought...
P wyesryw...
I thought...

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