#284 – Shattered Expectations – Haley Cryptograms



Note that the encryption key is "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog", with repeated letters removed.

Fx, ztbv, vktv aupqbev qxusf'v ntou sufsu. Qtzs qxf'v zxpo vktv ztd.
No, wait, that verdict doesn't make sense. Laws don't work that way.
B'au suuf ufxlck xi nd Vkbuaus' Clbwq ipbufqs sufv vx jpbsxf vx ofxz vktv vkbs skxlwq ktau huuf t exfabevbxf.
I've seen enough of my Thieves' Guild friends sent to prison to know that this should have been a conviction.
Hlv...hlv bv qxusf'v ntou tfd sufsu!
But...but it doesn't make any sense!
Fx! B'n fxt XO, vkbs zkxwu vpbtw ntqu FX SUFSU!
No! I'm not OK, this whole trial made NO SENSE!
Zu ZUPU clbwvd! Bv skxlwq ktau huuf t clbwvd aupqbev! B etf lfqupsvtfq bi vkud ztfvuq vx puqleu vku sufvufeu qlu vx vku ebpelnsvtfeus, hlv bv skxlwq ktau svbww huuf t clbwvd aupqbev.
We WERE guilty! It should have been a guilty verdict! I can understand if they wanted to reduce the sentence due to the circumstances, but it should have still been a guilty verdict.
Xk, fuaup nbfq, B qxf'v ofxz zkd B'n hxvkupbfc.
Oh, never mind, I don't know why I'm bothering.
Ztbv–Uwtf, zktv qbq dxl rlsv std?
Wait–Elan, what did you just say?
Xk nd cxqs, Uwtf! Vktv's bv! Uwtf, dxl'pu t cufbls!
Oh my gods, Elan! That's it! Elan, you're a genius!

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