#247 – It's Just Aphasia She's Going Through – Haley Cryptograms


Wiup! Rdd is fm, wiup!! F tru'm epdfpjp fm'v rdd wiup!
Gone! All of it, gone!! I can't believe it's all gone!
F wim prmpu eh r ynrwiu sin mqrm snprzfu' mnbrvcnp!
I got eaten by a dragon for that freakin' treasure!
F wim jiafmpy ck! Eh r yfvwcvmfuw rtfy-enprmqfuw ynrwiu! Ruy uix fm'v WIUP!
I got vomited up! By a disgusting acid-breathing dragon! And now it's GONE!
Uim MQP diim, AH diim. Afup!
Not THE loot, MY loot. Mine!
Xrfm, xqh yi F vicuy scuuh? Qpddi? Qpddi?
Wait, why do I sound funny? Hello? Hello?
Xqrm? Ui! Yiu'm hic yrnp!
What? No! Don't you dare!
Vuprz rmmrtz eiim mi mqp srtp!
Sneak attack boot to the face!
Yrnu vmnrfwqm.
Darn straight.

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