Kingdom of Loathing stuff

Here is a list of all my tools and assorted stuff for the Kingdom of Loathing.

NB: I haven't played KoL since early 2007 – many if not all of these things may be out of date. The Lair cheatsheet in particular is pre-NS13. If any of this stuff still works, then consider yourself lucky.

Here are some of my Greasemonkey scripts. Install Firefox and Greasemonkey, restart Firefox and return to this page. Then click on one of these links.

  • Gift Shop Guy namer
  • KoLoriser – see this thread for instructions on setting up your colour scheme.
  • Previous n adventures
  • Missing bones list – add a list of the bones you're missing to the bottom of the bone list.
  • IWannaDifferentFamiliar – inspired by two threads on the KoL forums, based loosely on OneTonTomato's IWannaBitten script. After installing, see this post for instructions on customising your familiars.
  • MCD Dropdown – Changes the MCD readout in the left pane to an easy-to-change dropdown menu.
  • Rollover Timer – Show the shiny new rollover countdown timer, even when rollover's more than 30 minutes away.
  • Hint Rearranger – Moves the "Yellow Exclamation Points" elsewhere, or hides them entirely.
  • phpBB ignore – Not really KoL-specific, but written on request of people on the KoL forums. It should work on any phpBB forum that uses the default subSilver skin, or one similar to it. Adds a baleet link below each post, allowing you to ignore posts by that user.
  • MMG Bouncer – Refuses access to the eeeevil MMG. Intended for linkspamming into threads for people who ask (or, more often, demand) an option to disable the MMG... believing that their lack of self-control isn't their fault, and that there exists some option TPTB could make that wouldn't have the same self-control issues.
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