Figuratively Asked Questions

How do you spell your name?
Officially, “Phillip”, with two L's. Conversationally, “Phil”, with one L. Online, “Phlip”, with one L, and no I before it. Though I'll generally accept "Philip" or even "Philp" without comment these days...
Why “HL” in the shortcut icon?
When I registered, I of course first tried to find it had been taken by a domain squatter. GoDaddy's domain registration thing offered a couple of other options... first things like or, but then it tried to offer synonyms like or After noting that “Acidity Lip” would be a great band name, I considered calling the site pHLip... the joke faded, but the highlighting of HL remained.
Were any of the questions on this page actually frequently asked?
Well, given that the FAQ was written before the site actually went public, the total number of questions I recieved about the site was 0, of which the number that were on this list was 0. Since 0/0 is an indeterminate form, the proportion of my email which is questions on this list cannot be determined until more information is avaliable... these questions may very well be more frequently asked than others, when considered as a proportion of my total email.
The last answer was just a bunch of handwaving to avoid saying “No”, wasn't it?
Yeah, pretty much.
Thought so.
Please phrase your smugness in the form of a question.
So, is the index page ever going to have any actual content?
Maybe, eventually, when I think of something good to put there. In the meantime you'll just have to enjoy your bottles of beer. Or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage, if that's more your thing.
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